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Welcome and thank you for visiting our new site! You might be asking yourself, what is this ministry about? What do you mean “Restoring Christ to Christianity?” Over the course of the last 2000 years or so (and especially the last 50 years), we have lost touch with the message and teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A lot of this was done unknowingly and with good intentions, but some of it was done on purpose to push personal agendas, power struggles, etc. This is how we’ve come to a place in time where there is large disillusionment with organized Religion and Christianity, a time when people can clearly see the hypocrisy abundant in powerful groups and individuals who call themselves Christians but do not act in a Christ-like manner. Now, granted, we all fall short of living in a complete Christ-Like manner but we should all try our best to do so, and many people have been misguided by modern Pharisee’s and false prophets, and some are just to self-absorbed and self-righteous. This brings us to the other major dilemma of our age, the over-abundance of Anger, Hatred, Selfishness, and the inability to listen and observe with compassion and an open mind. When someone challenges an opinion or belief that you have the natural instinctive reaction is usually a tinge of pain followed by anger…and nothing good comes from that reaction. What you must train yourself to do, and it’s not easy, is too just listen and ask yourself and the other person “Why do you feel this way?” “What life experiences have led you to your opinion?” “Is there common ground between us that we can both agree on?”. Always remember that we are all the children of God, we are all created and Loved by him, because of our faults and imperfections, because of our differences, because his love is all encompassing and all powerful.

Our mission is to restore the message of Jesus to the center of our faith, the message of Love, Faith, and Hope. We seek to remind people of this message and the supremacy of the New Covenant of God through his son Jesus over the Old Covenant and Law. Through this website we will begin a chapter by chapter study of the New Testament and general articles and posts about other topics of faith, books, etc. For our Bible Study we will be using the New Revised Standard Version (NSRV) which is widely regarded as the most accurate translation of original Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew biblical texts. We recommend that when you read, you find a comfortable and quiet space where you can read aloud. Reading aloud is key to the ability of our minds to fully absorb and retain what we read and is how the Books of the New Testament (especially the letters of the Apostles) were meant to be read. So welcome again and let’s take this walk through the scripture together.

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